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Hi! I'm Brooke, also known as fit princess

Brooke Arielle discovered her passion for fitness in college, and decided it was what she needed to do with her life. After seeing her body transform stronger and leaner, she knew she could push herself and her body beyond its limits


Her daily routine consists of waking up, lifting heavy, doing cardio, and working as a Social Media Manager. Brooke eats an extremely clean diet, with the occasional cheat meals here and there. 

She has grown her Instagram account to over 27k followers over the years. On her social media she hopes to inspire and motivate others along their own fitness journey. Brooke is constantly creating new content and finding ways to show off the latest workout styles! 

Her biggest goals in life are to be featured in a fitness magazine and signed by a modeling agency . She is working hard every day, with big ambitions to make those goals into reality. 

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